23 September 2013

17 Weeks, Guys!

I'm just a few weeks from the half-way point already and I can hardly believe it. I don't have a picture yet, but my belly popped way out in the last three or four days! Shrimpy is about 5-6 inches long from bum to head this week and growing rapidly. That part I can believe, because the pressure is making me waddle already! I am guessing I look pretty silly, since to anyone who doesn't know I'm pregnant, I probably look like a bloated skinny chick who is waddling to a washroom after one too many iced teas!

Though my doctor apparently never ordered my ultrasound a month ago when she was supposed to, it was receptionist to the rescue today; she made sure that my request was entered and followed up to let me know we'll likely have it on October 5. Which means that if Shrimpy cooperates that day, we're less than two weeks away from finding out if we're having a little dude or a little miss. Yay! We plan to have a gender-reveal party hosted by a friend, who will conceal a pink/blue center to a cake...we'll cut into it and find out with all of our friends around (and hopefully a speaker-phone on with some of our family members so they can find out live too!)

I forgot that a friend gave us a little sort of mic system for talking to your baby (you put the little pads on your belly and speak into the other end) so I'm sure Danny will be crafting some funny tunes for the teeny tyke soon!

I chose this past weekend to start working on the craft/storage room nursery transformation. Amazingly, it went from what you see here to a totally bare floor in two days of work (and with the help of a friend who did the heavy lifting!)

It had been like this pretty much since we moved in. I think the dead beetles I found
on the carpet spent more time on that floor than either Danny or I did!
Then we packed all of our accumulated baby gear inside and it now looks like this...

This kid isn't even born yet and owns more than lots of grown-ups do! Maybe Shrimpy will be
a creative messy person like his or her mama! HA, Shrimp Daddy, HA, I say!
...and everything that was in there before is now pretty much stacked in our living room and dining room, awaiting a new home. Hopefully we will have time to do that soon, because it's a jungle in here. A few more of these things will come out of the nursery, and it'll likely end up being the most spacious room in our little apartment!

I am going to show you something purely for the "awwww" factor. It was given to us by a sweet friend who is moving away soon and wanted to give us a gift now. The pockets! The ears! The softness! Seriously.

Polar bear or lamby? I can't decide.
Speaking of gifts, I just wanted to say how incredibly surprised and blessed we have been by friends and strangers stepping in to help us prepare for our little one's arrival. We have been given so many things that we needed totally out of the blue. We are so appreciative of everything that has been done for us.

I'll post a belly picture soon, but for now, adios!

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