03 October 2013

What a Blur

It seems that the latter part of the summer and the fall have just blown by, and I haven't been able to just stop and relax into being a prego-mama. A part of the fire cleanup included an ozone machine in the apartment downstairs, which sucks oxygen (and smoke odour) out of the air. This also affected our apartment, so we stayed with a friend for about a week. Getting back into our apartment wasn't much of a relief; since our carpets and walls needed to be cleaned, we had to move half of our belongings into a guest room and leave many things packed. It's been a bit stressful, to say the least.

I've been wondering why I haven't gained any weight yet, and it just dawned on me that the reason is probably in the paragraph above. Stress, insomnia, and a busy schedule might be the culprit! The doctor wasn't concerned at my last appointment, but if I have still not gained anything by my next appointment, Operation: Chub Up will have to commence!

Our scheduled ultrasound is tomorrow morning, and we're really excited to see our little Shrimpy! I'm especially happy that Danny will be a part of it this time.  If Shrimpy is not feeling modest, we'll have the technician check for gender and seal the results to find out with our friends at a gender reveal party this Sunday. Two of our friends will get the results tomorrow and plan a little party around the results. Fun!

17 week belly!

18 week belly is about the same!

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