09 October 2013

Paying It Forward

I have said it a few times now, but I can't believe the sheer amount of generosity that has been shown to me and Danny in the past few months. 

Today after picking up some maternity clothes given to me by a friend, my friend Nancy commented that it was kind of cool how prego-mamas and moms of young kids all seemed to be a part of some underground network of sharing and helping each other. Literally a half hour later, we were standing in line at Sally Ann, and a mom approached me and said, "I noticed you're pregnant...do you need a bassinet? I have a beautiful one and I didn't want to give it to just anybody. I also have a change table topper! You're welcome to both!"

It really puts a smile on my face knowing that there is kindness like that out there. It makes me want to give too! I can't wait to pass along some of these things to someone else when the time comes. I've already been able to pass along maternity clothes, and it made me feel happy!

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