06 October 2013

19 Weeks, and a Whole Weekend Off!

Our ultrasound on Friday was awesome! I was so happy that Danny could be there this time around; I enjoyed watching his face while he got a first look at our baby on the screen. This ultrasound was so much more relaxed than my first one in the E.R. Shrimpy has grown so much in five weeks! It's a really intense experience watching the tech measuring your baby's head and little bones and belly, seeing the thin arms and legs moving all over the place (she could hardly get what she needed because Shrimpy was literally spinning around at one point). As far as we could tell (the tech isn't allowed to comment), everything looked normal - she said the weight was right where they would expect (just 9 oz of baby right now!)

Here's a little sneak peek!

Shrimpy's first picture day!
I used to inwardly roll my eyes a little at people who talked about the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth. I figured, "big deal, people do it every day." Buuut, once you are expecting a baby yourself, everything about your life changes. Way before the little one arrives, you already begin to factor a tiny dependent into every decision and thought for the future.This protective instinct rises up in you that you never knew you had, and you know you'd do anything to protect and provide for your baby.

And then there are the hormones. I just spent ten minutes crying while reading parents' birth stories on a local doula website (okay, I'm still leaking a little from the eyes). Just thinking about delivering and holding and nursing this baby makes me well up. Or thinking about what a great daddy Danny will be and how much he already loves our little one...gah. Tear City. I have always been a sensitive person, but this is a whole new thing for me!

Tonight we will be telling everyone the gender of our little one at a Gender Reveal Party hosted by some of our close friends. We are excited to share this part of the journey with so many of our near and dear. I'll post some pictures soon!

As for me, I am really looking forward to a scheduled week off of work starting with next weekend! I could really use a few days to digest everything and enjoy a bit of down time.

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