18 September 2013

Mama Update

I had my second prenatal appointment today, and was poked and prodded and squeezed and squirted with jelly for the Doppler. Everything appears to be normal and healthy, though it turns out that I have gained zero weight so far and have actually lost a pound (apparently my fat cells haven't gotten the "we've been eating a lot of fries and ice cream" memo). So I decided that supper would be pizza dipped in ranch sauce. (Mom and in-laws, don't worry, I actually eat very healthy 80% of the time).

No real solutions offered for the insomnia other than trying chamomile tea and yoga, so I guess I'm pretty much waiting it out. And maybe adding warm baths to my bedtime routine.

My ultrasound should be sometime in the next three weeks - we can't wait to find out if Shrimpy is a boy or girl!

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