04 September 2013

Haircuts, Threats, and Bets

Direct quote from Danny's haircut on Monday (he was offering "helpful tips" on how I could more efficiently cut his hair):

"Argh! Just stop talking! I have hormones and scissors, so shut your mouth!" 

At least that's how he remembers it. I am sure it was much more loving than that.

Speaking of hair, we're both thick-haired beauties now, but I've been wondering if our little squishy will come out looking more like me as a baby, or Danny. Bets?

Exhibit A:
This is me in the hospital with my mom (look at that mop!)
A few months later - still rockin' the mop-top!

Exhibit B:
This is baby Danny at the hospital with his mom (a bit thin on top).
A few months later...still a bit on the bare side (pretty stinkin' cute though!)

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