17 September 2013

The Once: "Marguerite"

I had heard the song "Marguerite" performed by The Once before, but I never really listened to the words until a few days ago. It's an incredibly sad song about a real-life young French noblewoman named Marguerite de la Rocque, who was marooned on the Isle de Demons (Isle of Demons) by a relative when he discovered her relationship with a ship-mate (she was unmarried). This sad song would have probably made me cry anyway, but in my hormonal state, the thought of this poor girl being pregnant and alone while stranded on an island (after losing her lover and maidservant), then losing her baby...well, my eyes were pretty soggy.

Try to keep a dry eye while you listen to Geraldine of The Once (one of my very favourite bands) perform this beautiful song! And check out this cool blog post that elaborates a little bit on Marguerite's story.

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