18 January 2014

33-34 Weeks: A Fashionable Manatee

I'll start with the bad and the ugly and save the good for last:

1) What I thought all along was hip pain is actually Posterior Pelvic Pain. The fun part? It's spreading to the front of my pelvis, presumably as Shrimpy begins to "drop." It is incredibly painful, and it means I look a lot like a penguin when I walk. It also causes grinding in that area when I turn over in bed. At least I can laugh at how funny I look wobbling across the room, especially since the waddle is accompanied by my huffing and puffing!

2) The baby's squirming and kicking has changed from cute to uncomfortable to downright painful. Many of our evenings are spent on the couch, with me hissing or gasping every few seconds or minutes as I'm pushed and pummeled and kicked from the inside.

3) So. Stinking. Tired. Not in the coma sort of way I was in the first trimester or the mental/physical drain of the second. Now, I am just physically spent, and everything takes triple the effort it did before. It takes a lot of effort to turn over in bed, to get up from bed or a chair (or, God forbid, the floor...when I temporarily forget that I just can't do that anymore). At least it's entertaining to watch!

33 Weeks!
The good. There are lots of great things happening right now that make all the exhaustion and pain easier to bear:

1) Danny and I went to a prenatal class at the hospital in week 33. It was good to have all of the information presented in one day, and to have a tour of a case room and recovery room. I am planning on attending a breastfeeding class with some pregnant friends soon, and then all of us couples will attend a newborn care class. Knowledge is power, ha ha!

2) Baby's nursery is almost complete. All that's left to do is hang a few pictures and a curtain and to give the whole room a good clean.

3) Baby hiccups. They're just cute. My belly jumps every time it happens (which is often up to three times a day).

4) I had a fun shopping day last week with our friend, Janice. We were looking for a dedication dress for baby, but we had no luck. We did, however, find this giant grater in Winners. 

What in the world would you use it for?!

5) My friend, Nancy, will be in the delivery room with me and Danny. Today, Auntie Nancy and I got the registry ready for my baby shower. It was just another reminder that our little one is almost here! We also talked about the things I should pack in my hospital bag, and what my birth plan will look like. I love lists...they make me feel prepared!

6) This will sound frivolous, but my friend, Steph, lent me a bag of beautiful maternity clothes that should take me up to the end (I was down to a few shirts and dresses). Even though I love showing off my bump, sometimes the third trimester can make even the most confident of us feel sloppy and tired-looking. I'm a manatee, but at least I'll be a fashionable manatee. Thanks, Steph!!! :)

7) We have an exciting week coming up:
  • Our maternity photo shoot is scheduled for tomorrow. I am looking forward to having a few nice shots of Danny and me and the bump. Fingers crossed for dry weather!
  • My second OB appointment is scheduled for Monday.
  • Our second scheduled ultrasound will happen on Tuesday. Other than making sure Shrimpy is healthy and doing well, we are hoping to confirm that she is actually a girl! I am hopeful; her bum has been pushing upward for many weeks now. :)
I'll be posting some pretty pictures of us soon!

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