09 January 2014

31 - 32 Weeks: The Headlines

This week was my first back at work after sixteen glorious days off. I was anxious about returning, but being back really made me see how little time I have left before maternity leave starts. Five weeks. I think I can, I think I can...

Let's do this in point form sections (because I'm tired):

1) Nursery.

We got baby's nursery mostly set up last week. It felt good to finally get the room cleaned out and to put the furniture where we want it. It's really starting to sink in that she will be sleeping in there soon. Surreal!

Daddy did most of the set-up.
It was sweet to see him coming up with ideas.
He can't wait to meet his little girl!
2) Blackouts.

If you haven't heard about the blackouts caused by the recent blizzard, then I'll spare you. Except to say we had about 8 in our house (6 one hour, 2 prolonged).

A few flakes came down. A few trillion.
Thank goodness for tea lights.
They can provide light OR heat up a latte if used creatively!
3) Sort-of Resentment.

Because he can do this:

Or this:

Without trying.

4) Job Ad.

Soon we'll find my year-long job replacement! Fingers crossed that we find a me clone. Hopefully my coworkers don't like "Shmandy" better than the real deal!

5) Fluffy Bum.

My cloth diapers arrived this week! YAY! They are so.stinking.cute. I am particularly fond of the bumblebee print. I can just picture our little chubby-butt waddling around in these. I might chomp her legs off.

Seriously. So cute.
6) Alien Mutation.

I discovered that I have a big, splotchy white patch of skin around my belly button. And apparently it's not terribly common, because I found only one reference to it online. Seriously, not even one mention on the countless pregnancy websites and forums! Maybe the baby is actually plotting an alternate escape route! I sure hope not...

7) Baby Hiccups.

They get hiccups inside! It's mostly cute, unless it happens when I'm trying to fall asleep. Shrimpy seems to get annoyed when it happens and starts flailing and twisting around like she's trying to escape them somehow.

8) Eczema. On my FACE!

Enough said. I am so itchy and miserable.

9) Obstetrician.

My first obstetrician appointment was this week. I was only in there for a few minutes, but I learned (1) That I am up about 15lb over all, so that is great! (2) Mama and baby are doing well. Blood pressure of a champ and my bloodwork is good. (3) I get to have a 34 week ultrasound to check on baby's growth! I think we'll also take a peek if she's cooperative, just to double check that she's a she and not a he. :)

10) I Suck.

I put off booking our prenatal class until...this Monday. Yeah, I knooowww. But there was a cancellation, so we were able to get in this Saturday. Otherwise, we would have been out of luck! I think the class will be more for nervous Daddy, who could probably use a little knowledge and reassurance under his belt going into the labour process.

11) Baby Shower.

Plans are underway for a shower in a few weeks. I can't wait!

12) Did I Mention?

My belly splotch and I are really, really tired.

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