28 November 2013

25 & 26: Zzz's, Please!

Yup, tired. Bone tired. Dog tired. All of the tireds. All.

Before my update, I'd like to share an example of me not thinking clearly lately. I thought a huge, bone-in, not-precooked ham would take about 1.5 hours to bake. We will be dining around 9:00pm this evening as we wait for our 9.7lb ham to cook. Good gracious. Hormones and sleep deprivation have roasted the logic centers of my addled brain!

We've been packing and prepping to move with every spare minute, and that has left us pretty depleted. Besides an extremely hectic schedule, part of my exhaustion is still lack of sleep (same ol' song and dance). Shrimpy has gotten into the habit of performing the traditional All-limbs Flail Dance right when mom settles down for sleep, meaning my belly is hopping and moving all over the place (she seems to be about as graceful as her parents!) She does a protest dance every time I turn over in bed too, so sleep is interrupted a lot.


I love all the movement, and I'm savouring this special time. I know that, very soon, things will get a little more cramped in there for my flail-dancer, and I won't get to see such wild movements anymore. This has been the nicest part of pregnancy, I think. Evenings and mornings with Danny, watching my belly move and change shape as Shrimpy explores her confines and performs sneak attacks on my squishy bladder and whatever other organs her tiny feet and hands can find to jab.

So, we move this Saturday. We have a few lovely friends who have volunteered to come out and give us a hand. I will try to stick to cleaning and remove my Micro-Manager hat and badge. I don't even have the energy for that now! Much to Danny's relief, I am sure. See? Old dog, new tricks. I even let him pack breakable things for this move. That's a leap in the right direction, methinks. *self back pat*

My cousin was in town this week and gave me a very thoughtful gift: a 'Townie' onesie (ha!) and a little 5 year, a-few-lines-a-day journal. I love the idea of giving it to this little baby someday when she's older and will enjoy flipping through all of the memories. Every time I receive a gift or purchase something new for the nursery, it makes it all more real. I picture her in every onesie and blanket. I can imagine her playing with each toy. It's just surreal to think that we'll be parents in just a few short weeks. Yeah, weeks! This Saturday marks my 27th week and the start of the third trimester, leaving only 13 to go!

I sent this video to my mom last week for two reasons: (1) because it was just sweet to watch this little one fight and grow (tears were shed), and (2) because, at 25 weeks, I was as far along as this mom was when her little man was born. That means that Shrimpy is right about the same size as this baby at the start of the video. I couldn't believe my eyes! Seeing that tiny, precious life on the screen was like a little peek inside my belly at our baby. Hopefully, our squishy stays inside for a lot longer yet (if she doesn't punch-kick her way out soon...!)

Sorry there haven't been many photos lately. Between the move and us being about as energetic as a pile of mashed potatoes, we haven't been taking many pictures. Hopefully we'll have a few to share after the weekend! I can envision the photo-documentation of the move: Danny next to a stack of boxes. Then an action shot of the box-mountain tipping while Danny's eyes bug out in surprise. Then Danny's legs poking out from under a pile of scattered boxes, cartoon-style...and Brandi in the background laughing (but also checking to see that Danny is still breathing).

And with that progression of brain-images, I bid you all adieu.

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